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Lighting Control

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Lighting is Important

It can illuminate our living space, help us to work and even create special moods. Lighting in all its forms and natural occurrences significantly affects our  emotions and our mood. Coloured lighting can boost creativity and provide positive  energy.

Food supposedly tastes best in sunlight; artificial light should produce a similar feeling. We recommend you have a warm white light above the table when eating in order to showcase your meals in all their splendour.

Coloured lighting is highly effective for creating a certain mood within a room. It can, for example, help create a cosy glow in a room so that you can relax after dinner with a glass of wine. Coloured lighting creates joie de vivre – we should make the most of it!

During the night, all you need is some dim ambient lighting to light the way, maybe a calming blue, instead of blinding yourself, squinting until your eyes adjust. 

Need to draw attention in the event of an alarm? Bring on the lights, have them flashing red to catch the eyes of passers by.

Lighting has evolved a long way from just having lights on or off. Our systems can take care of this for you so you don’t even have to think about it and the scenes are fully customisable from your mobile devices.

For more information on smart lighting for your home, please contact us.

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